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Rental Duration


An “event rate” generally includes a maximum of three days of possession of an item, although the intention is that the item be used only once during the period. The two extra days are meant to allow enough time for convenient receipt and return of the item, whether the item is delivered by our staff or picked up at and returned to our facility.


A period longer than three days is defined as a week, and is twice the event rate for most items, except audio-visual and baby items.





Bradenton Party & Event Rental reservations are highly recommended. While our inventories are large, the quantities are finite. We ask for a 50% deposit on reserved items at the time of booking.




Bradenton Party & Event Rental takes a security deposit on most rentals. Generally, if the total amount of the rental is less than $500, we take a $50 deposit over the amount of the rental. On rentals over $500, we require a $100 deposit. We also require appropriate identification and payment of the rental in advance. On some wooden items, like wedding arches, we require a separate damage deposit and do not offer the damage waiver service on these items.




We deliver all chair rental and table rental items in our own delivery trucks, at your option. There is always a reasonable charge which is separate from the rental for this service, meant to cover the costs of operating trucks and compensating delivery drivers. We offer this service during our normal operating hours at the store. These vary by season but basically cover all daylight hours any day but Sunday. We are closed on Sunday.


Generally speaking, we like to deliver at least a half-day before your event. For our standard delivery service, you can choose between either a morning (9 AM to NOON) or afternoon (Noon to 8 PM) delivery. We charge the following rates for this service.


$40 --- All locations south of the Manatee River, West of Lorraine Rd. in Manatee County, and east of the ICW.


$50 --- All locations north of the Manatee River, West of Lorraine Rd. in Sarasota County, north of Clark Rd., and west of the ICW (barrier islands).


$70 --- All locations east of Lorraine Road and west of CR 675.


$120 --- All locations east of CR 675 to the eastern edge of our delivery territory.


$80 --- All of Siesta Key.



After-hours Delivery


We will gladly pickup or deliver your Bradenton Party & Event Rental on a pin-point time basis at any time, but there is an additional charge of $25 per man hour for this service. This fee offsets the additional costs we incur in accommodating these requests.


Set-Up tables, chairs, linens, glassware, flatware and china are delivered and placed in stacks within fifty feet of our truck. Our drivers are tightly scheduled and are instructed not to carry these items significant distances from the back of the truck. Note: We can set up your tables and chairs for an additional charge. We do not place the linens on the tables, or set the tables under any circumstances.


Tents, staging and dance floor are always set up by our staff. The cost for this service is included in the rental rate.


Damage Waiver Service


All damages to tents or linens of any type are always the responsibility of the customer.  This responsibility extends for the entire period the item is not in our possession…from the time it is delivered by our staff until the time it is picked up.


China and glassware are delivered in racks and it is the customer's responsibility to return these items to the racks before our staff picks them up. This tremendously limits damage.


On these items, and all items other than tents and linens, we include on your invoice a ten percent charge for damage waiver service. As long as the pieces of broken items are returned, there is no charge for breakage of items other than linens and tents.


Missing Items


All missing items are charged for at the current retail sale price of the item. Missing items are not covered by the damage waiver service fee. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that all items rented are present when our staff picks them up or the customer returns them to the store.



Reasonable cleaning is included at no cost to the customer as part of the rental service. 
Rental barbeques always need to be cleaned by the customer, or
Bradenton Party & Event Rental (d/b/a Taylor Rental) will assess an additional cleaning charge.


Payment Terms

Normally, fifty percent of the total of the
Bradenton Party & Event Rental invoice is due at the time a rental order is placed. The remaining fifty percent is due the day prior to the delivery if the order is being delivered, or on the day of the rental if the order is picked up at our facility.

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